Vinos del Rio


Art direction and photography
Brand Communications


Ánima es un proyecto de Vinos del Rio. Un vino que evoca la unión entre dos culturas. El colibrí como animal representativo de Colombia y el ceibo como planta insignia de Argentina. Un lazo que nos habla de la armonía entre dos almas.

It is this union that is represented through an Anima that is between the heavenly and the earthly, living in a mystical plane full of mystery, trying to cross to the other side, where the ethereal and melancholy meet.

We blur the line between art and design.

Through photography and art direction, we sought to highlight this magic through images that represent this journey in its aesthetics and color, highlighting in turn the melancholy and elegance of this limbo.

The magical and the mystical come together.

siguiente. siguiente. siguiente.