Art direction and photography
Brand Communications


We define “co” as greatness and as a representation of Colombia: cooperation, community, communication, connection and coexistence.

The brand revolutionizes the way of working while traveling, meeting and coexisting with people from around the world. It revolutionizes digitality through a platform that focuses on connectivity rather than in-person presence. It revolutionizes the way we connect with ourselves, our environment, and the world.

Digital co-revolution

Epioneers is the new way of traveling; a digital visa for foreigners that permits entry and stay with multiple benefits in Colombia for one year. It is an initiative in favor of reactivating the post-pandemic economy.

For this project, we combined a digital universe with the representation of the fauna, flora, landscapes and people of our country. It becomes global communication that breaks barriers and schemes, and connects different realities for a common good.

Digital Nomads

siguiente. siguiente. siguiente.