Gastro Hall


Graphic universe
Photography and art direction
Brand communications

At Gastro Hall, we know that anyone can cook, but not necessarily because they were born with the talent. Instead, it is behind every person, there is someone who has always been there to help them. That person who reaches out to help you could be: your nanny, your mother, or even your friendly “neighbor” at the marketplace who helps you choose the perfect ingredients to cook with.

Gastro Hall is the gastronomic solution that aims to break the perception that cooking is difficult and only for experts. This is done by providing practical solutions for their clients through its 4 business lines.

Digital marketplace.

It is the digital marketplace where you find that friend who is always there to help you and puts everything at your fingertips.

For Gastro Hall, we created a graphic universe that represents their 4 business lines. Each one is identified by a character in the “plaza” who accompanies the client on their shopping journey, giving advice and sharing their expertise.

Neither eat without drinking, nor sign without reading.

siguiente. siguiente. siguiente.