Art direction

Owatala is a brand inspired by different places and corners around the world that are full of magic for its people, music, and culture in general. This brand is created from a set of experiences lived by its creator. She aims to connect with the women who use her designs through a concept based on experiences, traditions, and styles that express the search for gratitude and tranquility of the spirit.

With our minds in the East.

Through photography, we aim to show the mystical essence of Owatala by being inspired by the texture of its designs, the colors, their lightness, and their originality, as well as its characteristics that translate into the proper sense of freedom, self-confidence, and authenticity. We want to capture dynamism and femininity, by showing the inspirational intention of the brand through the art direction focused on the different textures of the Middle East, projecting their connection with magic and bringing corners from around the world to LaValentina’s studio.

Textures full of magic.

siguiente. siguiente. siguiente.