Sina is a new brand coming from an alliance between the great Colombian food producer Berna and the company Alimentos La Cali S.A.S who has more than 80 years of trajectory in the national territory.

This brand is made up of premium long-life products for immediate consumption. The concept we created was inspired by natural practicality with the aim to show the brand as an alternative of quick preparation with very high quality products. It is a product that is preferable over others because of its convenient preparation and its natural origin.

Practicidad Natural.

The word Sina comes from the language of the Embera indigenous peoples, meaning pig. The Embera are part of the most important indigenous groups in Colombia. They are known
for being very respectful to nature, which further connects the brand to its artisanal and natural roots.

The only additive we add is love.

siguiente. siguiente. siguiente.