Sweet Silvana


Brand Communications

The social media content developed for Sweet Silvana is inspired by her archetype. Silvana is a friend, counselor, and psychologist. She is that person who knows everything and is capable of conquering the whole world through her amicable tone and star product. It is through her and the content we create that we manage to convey confidence and show the world the true value of chocolate mousse, a gem amongst desserts and the only one capable of curing any evil.

The gem of desserts

Sweet Silvana is the gem of desserts. A premium dark chocolate mousse made with the highest quality Colombian ingredients. This brand is inspired by the Japanese Kintsugi technique, a technique that consists of joining pieces of broken ceramic with gold dust. This philosophy of life states that breakage and scars are part of an object or person’s history, and that in Instead of being a cause of shame, they should be a source of pride because they add value.

Sweet Silvana is the friend we turn to when we are looking for a gift or advice. She is a close friend and becomes that personal psychologist in which we fully confide. She is an excellent counselor and hostess.

The mousse of your dreams.

siguiente. siguiente. siguiente.