Dekomas (DKS)



Dekomas is a Chilean company with a long trajectory and experience in architectural and interior design, specialized in the health sector.

Dekomas prioritizes being a brand that currently represents all its expertise, a brand that adapts to any sector in the architecture and interior design market, and a brand that represents the quality of their deliverables through its own image in a contemporary manner.

To construct this brand’s concept, we based our process on “regeneration”: the process in which a structure is recovered.  Like a body or tissue, Dekomas’ DNA remains the same, but expresses itself in a different manner, a changing way, that adapts and rebuilds to create something new.

The regeneration of the understanding of spaces and how their design is vital for the human experience, allows us to reconnect the deepest relationships that we inhabit as human beings: we carry new meanings, we enhance connections between space and different actors, and we remain in constant transformation.

The regeneration of the understanding of spaces.

siguiente. siguiente. siguiente.