Fruto de Cacao


Art direction

Fruto de cacao is an artisan chocolate brand centred around the “bean to bar” concept where they buy cocoa beans and transform them into a chocolate bar. Its objective is to create different experiences through chocolate, which is why they mix chocolate with local ingredients, generating new delicious and contrasting flavors.

A flavor that makes your dreams come true.

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Through photography, we aim to show the experience of a Fruto de Cacao bar, accompanied by an interesting narrative; we want consumers to be attracted to the awakening of their senses by receiving a cocoa bar. Through dreamlike and surreal elements, we play with the consumer’s conception of the product, surprising them with what Fruto de Cacao truly offers and with its unique flavors.

Chocolate with high quality ingredients, and a premium flavor and aroma that are completely unique.

siguiente. siguiente. siguiente.