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Luisa postres


Complimentary graphics
Art direction and photography
Brand Communications


Luisa Postres is a virtual pastry shop. Its mission is to help people express their affection and connect with their loved ones through their desserts. Luisa Postres faithfully believes that you never have to arrive anywhere empty-handed because in the details is where love is found . Making delicious gifts for every moment is her specialty.

Life is too short to be self-conscious and stop enjoying things as divine as a good dessert. Balance is key; first sin, then pray. But of course, sinning has to be worth it. We promise you that each bite will make you remember how rich it feels to be alive.

We transform love into calories

The brand’s graphics are inspired by a groovy aesthetic and a funky personality, generating elements associated with the youthful, fun and cool personality that defines the brand. We always aim to exalt the product, through vibrant colors and phrases that invite you to connect with Luisa Postres.

Love at first bite.

siguiente. siguiente. siguiente.