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Brand communication


Necio is a gastro-bar in Bogotá dedicated to honoring Colombians from the resourcefulness and irreverence that characterizes us. It is a bar to bring together those who think differently and to talk about things as they are. Cheers!
Necio, always so alive and so daring, he does not miss a single opportunity. Among his friends he is known for his occurrences, which although they seem silly or foolish, are the essence of his irreverent ideas. With his friends and a couple of beers, it is impossible not to notice his presence, because with little subtlety to laugh he sets the table. Between stories, small talk and the spice that his word permeates, Necio says what he thinks without fear of reprimand. Searching is his conviction and he finds a solution for any trouble, he never strands because of his resourcefulness. If there is no bottle opener, do it with your tooth; If there is no money, we can collect it together.

100 years of foolishness.

siguiente. siguiente. siguiente.