Pandeyucas made using a traditional recipe, but creating a new way of consumption and presentation. This brand is present everyday on every table; a coffee break with friends, family breakfasts, or even snack time with children, all with different toppings and accompaniments.

For Pandewaffle we did a rebranding, where we wanted to show the adaptability of the product so that customers of all ages could feel identified with the brand. Likewise, strengthening the brand concept and differentiating the product not only through its innovative way of consuming but also through what it represents: edible happiness.

Pandeyuca made into a waffle!

Iuca is a character that we created with a lot of attitude, who’s funny, naughty, and helpful, and who connects with the inner child that we all carry with us. His job is to test and approve each pandewaffle, making sure they are all perfect. But, Iuca typically likes to take more than one taste test, making him look very fluffy, just like a good waffle. He also likes to sneak off with a few extra, and take them to share with the world, introducing everyone to the unique and special flavor of a traditional cassava bread, with the help of his pet, Guafle; a puppy as soft and cool as him.

Edible happiness

siguiente. siguiente. siguiente.