Art direction

Tibito is a chocolate brand that celebrates the flavors, aromas and textures of Colombian cocoa. Its objective is to prove that Colombia not only grows high quality cocoa beans, but can also produce world-class chocolate.

Edible art

Through their communication strategy and art direction, it has always been a priority to create minimalist and colorful compositions in which the chocolate bar is the protagonist. This through balance, perfection and a mixture of textures. Specifically in this photo session, our proposal focused on showing the sensory experience made possible through the ingredients in the bars. To execute this proposal, we placed the chocolate bars alongside their respective ingredients, for example coconut, orange, goldenberries, and rosemary.

The photographs taken aimed to highlight the versatility of Colombian cocoa, the ingredients that Tibitó chocolate bars offer, and the factors that differentiate the brand by creating a journey of new flavors.

Tibitó is a sensory experience

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