Art direction and photography
Brand Communications

Manar is a project worked with the Government of Cundinamarca, which seeks to make the artisans of the region visible through their work. Manar brings together in a single space, all the cultural potential that the territory has through handicrafts.

In addition to making the region competitive, Manar seeks to generate a sense of belonging and identification towards Cundinamarca in Colombians. All through a brand that captivates buyers through high quality products, full of history, culture and local pride.

The offering becomes the transversal concept of the brand. On the one hand, the ancestral rituals of the communities that inhabited the territory are commemorated and, on the other hand, importance is given to the hands, because they are the main tool to create and mold, they are a greeting and a language, they communicate, leave a mark and build . Because through hands and touch the world is known.

If not for the hands, our offerings would not exist.

siguiente. siguiente. siguiente.